HerbalHay was founded in 2020 and was bought to light in 2021.

Our mission is to provide you with premium products at an affordable price, making sure that every product is pure and manufactured in the best way possible.

We believe in quality over quantity, therefore we closely monitor and hand-check our whole manufacturing and bottling process to make sure that you receive THE BEST quality products.

We believe in providing highest value to every customer, therefore our team is working very hard to provide you with excellent customer service, excellent user experience, excellent delivery, and most importantly - excellent product quality for excellent price. 

We strive for perfection - you say, we listen. We encourage you to give us your feedback, good or bad. We strive to be the best version of ourselves, therefore we check every customer review and make sure we are always up to date with requests, and areas where we can improve, and our team is working really hard to make sure we are always evolving and providing THE BEST VALUE a customer can have.

We really hope you give us the chance to take you on this amazing journey to better health and better lifestyle, we promise you we will always continue to stay ahead of our game, to guide you with any questions that you might have, and to take you to the healthy lifestyle that you deserve.


Many CBD oils in the market today are made in China, which can be dangerous as they are not regulated by the European health laws. Many oils have been tested to have heavy metals, the hemp/cannabis to be sprayed with chemicals and fertilizers.

CBD Oils from the USA have been known to contain toxic chemicals and been known to have a non UK Legal THC content ( THC is psychoactive ) Unlike CBD.


  • Our CBD is 100% pure made in the UK, no additives, heavy metals or toxic chemicals have been added
  • Cannabis strains that we use are grown in a fully licensed, naturally grown farm, under all UK and EU laws and regulation
  • Our CBD is FULL SPECTRUM, meaning that you will receive all the natural CBD health benefits
  • Our CBD oil contains 2000mg (20%) of pure CBD, meaning that with every bottle purchased you will receive an accurate strength of PURE FULL SPECTRUM CBD
  • Our manufacturing process is being closely monitored to provide you with the absolute BEST quality of CBD and is hand-checked to make sure that you receive EXACTLY what you ordered
  • Our CBD is lab tested, meaning that you can put your mind at ease while using our products and enjoy the health benefits that come with them

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, with amazing health benefits & skin benefits, We hope you enjoy our products and continue to be a part of this amazing family!